Screen shots of the Mando blaster…..   I believe the prop master used the Bergmann 1894 for reference….  With no way of getting a real vintage prop or a Bergmann (since they extremely rare lol) this project will rely on screen scaling and merging real photos …


You can definitely see the likeness but there is big differences   ….


The over all shape is very close to the Bergmann but is slightly different ,,  grips and the lower contour is very diff

Notice the grip is different on the prop…  i noticed alot of 3d printer guys did not get this right…


Finding some good stuff on the rpf and from my fb freinds  Tim bo, Tennant lem  ….  makes this alot easier

This is a magnificent shot    really helps with the trigger frame…..


Great shot of the wood grip, ill be machining these out of mahogany



Everyone needs some beskar steel…………………. sorry i dont have any

Some great screen captures

Nice view of the top sight


The flash hider is going to be the easiest part of the build


Not sure im making this thing work but i drew something up like the real Bergmann has


Cant believe they used this piece of junk airsoft evike thing instead of doing it right like
Rogue one AGGGGGG  but this is one of my favorite blasters

Jyn Erso

Had to 3d print this in three parts,,, wanted to check the scaling…   seem to be good but all we have to go by in pictures..   i think im damn close…. ( i hate 3d printer they suck !!!  )


I think it is time to start making fixtures and programming the cnc machines…. Starting monday… ill post the cnc videos as we go



Special note to the 3d printer guys who dont give credit for the reference materiel EAT ME !!!   At least acknowledge who helps and the original prop guys who gave us this cool stuff !!!!

Thanks to all in the SW community that send pictures and help with all the builds…